About Eating Free

Eating Free was built on the success of Manuel Villacorta’s original weight loss program, MV Nutrition, which was quickly identified as the #1 Weight Loss Clinic in San Francisco by the San Francisco Chronicle and other local media outlets. Clients began asking for a national program, so in 2004, Manuel teamed with former client and owner of the Fortune 500 web development business, Sage Webworks: Dennis Allio.

Together, the duo took Manuel’s award-winning weight loss program national with a proprietary and custom-built online engine. Dennis, who previously developed sites for Martha Stewart and HarperCollins had been a lifelong dieter with limited success. Not until he tried Manuel’s methods did he achieve the success and sustainability he’d always envisioned. Thrilled with his lasting results, Dennis designed the digital roadmap that would bring Manuel’s winning weight loss solution to the world. Today, that plan is known as Eating Free. With no gimmicks, fad tactics, sleazy sales techniques or false promises, Eating Free is gaining traction and creating a national buzz.