The Menopausal Midsection

A middle-aged woman with a thick midsection

The Story

This lovely lawyer enjoyed a fine figure until she hit menopause. Although she hasn’t changed her diet, her healthful eating or her exercise routine, 20 pounds appeared around her waistline virtually overnight. And on her last visit, the doctor told her she that she is pre-diabetic and needs to do something about it. Her frustration is high because she eats well, takes care of herself and exercises.

Does this sound like you?

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The Solution

Eating Free helped this healthy eater understand that her body needed a reassessment of her nutrition needs, from metabolism to portion control. She learned quickly that eating healthy foods does not always mean weight loss. Through food record keeping, she learned how to eat her favorite foods, drink wine, and even enjoy chocolate—all while losing the extra weight. Eating Free coaches assisted her with her exercise nutrition to control hunger and provided her a customized meal plan for her active days.

The Results: 20 pounds lost!

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