The "No Time for Me" Mom

A mom who can’t lose the baby weight

The Story

This devoted mom cares for an 18 month old and a five year old. She claims that she was able to lose her pregnancy weight after her first child without any problems, but after her second child, she couldn’t lose the pregnancy fat even with breastfeeding. Because her children keep her extremely busy, she has stopped caring for herself. Now, she skips meals, eats fast food with her children and leaves no time to exercise or relax. Once the kids go to sleep, she unwinds by watching TV and eating candy bars. So now she not only has the leftover baby weight, but extra new pounds as well.

Does this sound like you?

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The Solution

Eating Free helped by designing a family approach to weight loss. An Eating Free Coach developed meal plans that the entire family could enjoy so mom did not have to go to extra lengths to achieve her weight loss goals. Due to her time constraints, she could not go to gym, so Eating Free provided a customized plan based on her scheduled walks with the children. Through food record keeping, she was able to include foods she enjoyed and learn what foods worked best for her.

The Results: 30 pounds lost!

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