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Starting or enhancing a wellness program doesn't have to mean installing a fitness center or hiring a full-time wellness coach.

Invite Manuel Villacorta to educate your team members, empower them to make the right food choices and motivate them to take charge of their own health.

Manuel is a compelling, charismatic communicator. As a speaker, he is often praised for making audiences feel heard, motivated and engaged. He is often invited to speak at annual state and national conventions for organizations, associations and corporations as part of their wellness strategy. He also speaks to a small to very large groups brown bag lunch and learns. Known to educate team members about the truth surrounding food, Manuel empowers his audiences to make the right choices and motivates them to take charge on their own health. According to many clients, Manuel's enthusiasm and encouragement has changed their lives.

Speaking engagements featuring Manuel Villacorta and his Eating Free program are content-filled, interactive and dynamic.

Manuel Villacorta, Registered Dietitian, Speaker
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  • “Business leaders have the ability to reduce the factors that significantly impact productivity loss by implementing comprehensive, best practice workplace wellness programs focused on well-being improvement, which, in turn, can lead to improvements in team member’s satisfaction, productivity and profitability for employers”
    —Manuel Villacorta

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  • “Always eat breakfast, never skip meals, eat well-balanced meals….we hear all of these things but Manuel’s presentation actually made sense of the science behind these practical health rules. I walked away feeling like being healthy wasn’t as hard as I have always made it out to be. Scheduling time for friends and work is something I have always made a priority, so now adding in a few hours a week to schedule time for my health seems easy enough. Thanks Manuel!”

    Carlynne Bradley
    AOL Account Manager

  • “Manuel's presentation blew us out of the water and inspired us all to begin the journey with a healthy relationship with food”

    Nancy Sorrell, RN, ND, PHN
    San Mateo Public Health Department

  • “While planning the presentations for our Annual Statewide Women Infants and Children Conference, we heard about Manuel and his nutrition communications. The buzz after his first presentation was so strong that the staff was crowding out of the doorway to hear his second. Manuel captivated the audience with his knowledge, engaging style, and cutting-edge visual material”

    Karen Farley RD, IBCLC
    California Women Infant and Children Association

  • “Manuel has been my nutritionist for some time and after a successful effort of addressing my individual needs and goals, I thought it would be beneficial for our staff to receive a presentation from Manuel in person. Manuel's presentation was professional, informative and easy to follow. We are an informal group by nature, and Manuel had an ease to him that made this an effective group presentation. Following the presentation, there were individual one-on-one meetings where attendees could ask personal and sensitive questions. The feedback I received in the days following was unanimous: everyone benefited from the time with Manuel. Would I do it again? Yes. Would our staff do it again? Absolutely!”

    Joseph C. Pinkowski
    Vice President
    Cooper & McCloskey, Inc.

  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

    The National and largest Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo in the world (FNCE) Boston 2010

    Average score for all sessions: 3.95, Manuel's Session: 4.61
    By request you can see the entire report with all testimonials

  • “This was a terrific session with a great balance of practical information and storytelling/motivational speaking. This session made the conference for me!”

  • “Wow! This session was worth the entire conference registration. The information was very helpful and the presenter really knew how to capture an audience.”

  • “This was the best session I attended. Manuel was funny, but informative. He gave sound advice in a clear and honest way. People stayed long afterwards to ask him questions, which says a lot about their confidence in his knowledge.”

  • “This was the best session at the conference and one of the best sessions I have ever attended at FNCE. It should have been a 90-minute session. Manuel could even teach a day-long workshop on the topic. FABULOUS!!!! No wonder he is such a success”

  • “One of the most engaging speakers I have heard in a while. Manuel was impressive while maintaining approachability. Lots of valuable information that left me charged and inspired!”

  • “Manuel had great energy and the information he shared with the audience was really helpful. One of the best speakers in my opinion.”