Meat and Vegetarian-Meat Food Group

Whole Body Reboot

Meats and vegetarian meats contain protein and fat. This food group is divided into four categories according to their fat content:


VLM- very lean meats

LM- lean meats

MFM- medium-fat meats

HFM- high-fat meats

Serving Sizes

•    1 oz of meat, poultry, fish, or cheese provide one meat freebie

•    1/2 cup tofu provides one meat freebie

•    1/2 cup beans and lentils provide one-half serving of meat (the other portion comes from G&S)

As a general rule, choose VLM most of the time and choose LM some of the time.  When consuming LM make heart-healthy choices such as salmon, tuna and tofu.  Limit your intake of MFM and HFM as much as you can.