It's OK to miss the gym

Don’t Sweat It!

Beautiful berries.

How many of us grew up hearing that old “No Pain, No Gain” adage? Turns out, when it comes to weight loss, it’s just not true. At Eating Free, we’ve got the studies—and the success stories—to prove it. Don’t get us wrong: exercise is good for you. It’s good for heart health, for muscle tone, for fitness and longevity. But is it the key to weight loss? Nope. Nutrition is 80% of losing weight, while exercise is only 20%. What this means is, you can take a breath, and take a break from that strenuous gym routine. Instead of killing yourself to go 6 times a week, why not go three a week and use those time slots to go food shopping and prepare healthy dishes that last a few days? We’ve seen better results and steadier weight loss from people who use their free time to plan their food for the week and prepare it at home. If you love going to the gym and it gives you energy and postive outlook, by all means, keep it up. But if it takes a toll and adds stress to your day, you may actually be hindering you weight loss more than helping.